Saturday, May 20, 2017

Apologies for the long silence

1949 Gibson J45
1949 Gibson J45 Guitar

Hi Friends,

Sorry I haven't updated my content here for a while. Three years ago I was struck inexpectedly by a catstrophic illness. While moving into my house I suffered an aortic dissection.

Fortunately before I blacked out I made an emergency call. Thanks to quick response from the EMTs, the helicopter team, and the open heart surgery team at UNM hospital I survived.

That's why I've been out of the music biz for so long. I'll to start playing out again soon by visiting some open mics in Taos and Albuquerque before I attempt a real gig. If you readers are interested in seeing reviews of the northern New Mexico open mic nights here in the future please let me know.

In the meantime check out this 1949 Gibson J45 that turned up in a small Albuquerque shop last year. It's been broken and patched up a few times (like me) but it still sounds great and––after some fret work and an ace setup by George at Langston Guitar and Amp Works––it plays great too.

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