Friday, July 18, 2014

Ramblin' Jack and a mighty wind arrive in Albuquerque at the same time

After a long Santa Fe winter I was really looking forward to seeing Ramblin' Jack Elliott perform at the Albuquerque Folk Festival this spring.  Unfortunately mother nature had other plans. The tent covering the main stage violently collapsed from a powerful gust of winds that hit it just minutes before Ramblin' Jack was scheduled to appear. The concert had to be cancelled. Fortunately the tent was evacuated just prior to it's collapse. No one was injured. I've heard a rumor that there will be a makeup concert this fall. When I have more info about that I'll post it.

The good news is that Friday, the night before the folk festival, a few folks met up at our friend John's home to visit with Jack. Afterwards everyone adjourned to Sadie's for Mexican food.

Ramblin' Jack is in fine form these days. Albuquerque was  the New Mexico leg of a successful spring tour which included Louisiana, Texas, and Arizona. He was touring by auto with his friend and opening act, Rick Robbins. If the boys come to a town near you don't miss the fun.

And Jack... us folks here in New Mexico are hoping that the folk festival folks will bring you back here for another concert soon.  It was great to visit with you. I hope next time I see you we can continue our conversation about pocket knife lore. It was just getting interesting.