Friday, December 29, 2006

God bless Bill Hearne and John Wayne

Bill Hearne is one of our national treasures. Bill can stand side by side with any guitar picker and singer in the world and hold his own. I'll stand on Guy Clark's coffee table in
Steve Earl's cowboy boots and say that!

Bill's website is the place to go for info on his current performing schedule. You can most likely find him at the La Fonda in Santa Fe on Wednesday and Thursday nights. Check his website for more info on where he's appearing.

Keep an eye out for Bill's new brand new CD. He promised me there's a whole bunch of good ole honkytonk songs comin' our way. The CD features Bill and his trio which includes Cathy Faber on doghouse bass and vocal harmonies and multinstumentalist Bob Goldstein adding a generous amount of his special magic to the mix.