Friday, April 18, 2008

New Beginnings Sprouting From Old Roots

I was looking through my scrapbook photo album and ran across this old picture of me holding Ramblin' Jack Elliott's guitar. (You can see Jack over my shoulder reading the newspaper.)

Well, after some years away from it I find myself returning to music. I gave it up for a while to start a photography business and settle down. About the same time this picture was taken, Townes Van Zandt introduced me to a Houston lady named Rutherine. She educated me in what she called, "The Rules Of The Road." Well, I was never much good at rules but Rutherine steered me around a few obstacles with her down home wisdom. I wish just she had also warned me about the perils of New Mexico real estate... especially water issues... it's a long story... It always makes me smile when I think of Rutherine and her Rock and Roll Hotel. Sometime soon I'll do a post devoted the her "Rules of the Road" lesson.

Been getting restless to play some folk music and maybe ramble around the globe a little. Guess the wanderlust has grabbed ahold of me. No telling where it's gonna take me. In the meantime I've been doing a bunch of song writing. I'll be doing some recording soon as I get up to speed on digital audio technology. Check back here once in awhile and there may be something new here that all y'all can listen to... or maybe even a video... ya never know...