Sunday, January 28, 2007

Pete Springer & Whatsisname at the Tin Star Saloon

Last night I dropped by the Tin Star to catch Pete Springer with drummer par excellence Andy Pimm. In my last write up of the band I failed to mention that Pete Springer trades off on lead vocal and harmony vocal with his partner... whatisname... er... uh... Don Curry.

Seriously, this band is driven by it's tight vocal harmonies and strong instrumental backing. Curry and Springer do an admirable job of harmonizing on a wide variety of material. Last night I was fortunate to catch them performing a standout version of the the old Randy Newman song You Can Leave Your Hat On.

There is one thing lacking however, and that is a CD that you can purchase and take home to Cleveland. How about a Live at the Tin Star recording? What about it guys?

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inevitable42 said...

I like your blog. I work for a pr company and we have an artist coming to the area soon. Do you have an address we could send a music press package to?